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We have some nice Shearling Lleyn rams for sale. Non registered and registered.all off grass only. ‘Leighfield lleyns’ flock 1704

Great PRLB annual farm walk at Peregrine’s today, loads of information,really nice sheep, pasties and pastries @GeorgeCullimore @trevor_border @Genetic_Sheep trevor_border photo

Interesting articles in the @FarmersWeekly and @NSASheepAssoc sheep farmer magazine, we sold Lleyn ewes to both these farms.Nice to see they have done well. @GelstonLamb well worth a follow. Interesting reading @beefsheep trevor_border photo

FFS!! 25 acre field and they lamb like this... 5 lambs 2 ewes..🙄leave them to it I reckon #bezzies trevor_border photo

Lleyn x aberfield ewe lambs, very pleased with how strong they look. all off grass,monsters, SOLD @beefsheep

Girls looking good considering the last 12 months. Off out after a few weeks chilling indoors sheared and scanned.bit of grass waiting for them #lleynsoffgrass