About Us

Our Farm
Leighfield Lleyns is run by Trevor Border and his wife Chere in the beautiful county of Rutland in the heart of England. The farm is on the highest point of Rutland, climbing up to 700 feet above sea level, across an all grass pasture of over 1750 acres.
Trevor has been farming in Rutland since the 1980s and his focus is on developing sustainable farming based on a simple low-cost system
We have spent a number of years working on the quality of our grass to get the balance just right for our flock so that we don’t need to supplement their feed.The Lleyn breed is very well adapted to the British climate and in particular the more exposed and wetter areas which, land tends to be these days!   "Our aim is to keep costs to a minimum whilst breeding quality stock to breed from or to put to a terminal sire to produce easy to lamb, fast growing lambs ALL off grass."
Our Flock
We have a flock of 200 pedigree recorded Lleyn ewes and a flock of 2200 commercial ewes mainly Lleyns with some crossbreds. All our ewes are lambed outside from the last week in April. All our pedigree Lleyns are signet recorded, to see their EBV’s click
Performance Recorded Lleyn Breeders
The Breed
The reason we chose Lleyn sheep was because we find them to be easy to lamb and low maintenance. Lleyn ewes also have great maternal instincts. As a breed they are easy to handle with a great will to live. We have found that Lleyns will last you a few more years than the average breed. Another reason why we chose Lleyns is that we believe the progression of the Lleyn ewe has lots of potential for creating your own closed flock.