In recent years we have been using AI for Ewes with high EBV’s and have used Semen from high rated blood lines, which we have found to be very successful. Our overall aim is to keep costs down and to keep our system simple. With this objective in mind, it’s important to us to breed sheep that fit into that category.

Our Farm

The farm is run by Trevor Border and his wife Chere in the beautiful county of Rutland in the heart of England; because of its size it coined the Latin moto ‘Multum in Parvo’ or ‘much in little’! The farm is on the highest point of Rutland, climbing up to 700 feet above sea, across an all grass pasture of over 1750 acres.

Commercial Sales

We only breed from ewe lambs that were reared as twins, allowing us to increase fertility whilst maintaining the quality as part of a continual program of improvement. Over the last 17 years the Lleyn breed has proved to be very efficient; they milk well, are hardy, easy to manage and produce a good cross-bred lamb.